Looking for Driving Instructor to work with Easy Driving School

Be a Driving Instructor in NSW

Guidelines to be Driving-instructor in NSW in step by step

At Easy Driving School we have more than 18 years experience in driving instruction & business. No experience is essential to become an instructor with us as long as you are passionate enough to instruct others to learn safe driving. We will guide you step by step to be a driving instructor in NSW. Also we are always happy to help people to run their own driving school business with our best knowledge and expertise.

However, if you are currently a driving instructor in NSW then we can give you a great opportunity to expand your business by taking advantage of our name and reputation.

To be a Driving Instructor with Easy Driving School:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  •  You need to possess excellent communication skills
  • You need to meet Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) requirements
  • You need to complete Certificate IV in Transport and logistics
  • You need to have a late model vehicle less than 4 years old.

Easy Driving School has specialist staff to guide you step by step throughout the whole process.

Attractive Benefits you get to work with Easy Driving School:

  • Full flexibility to set your own your working hours (minimum 30 hours required)
  • Unlimited earning opportunity – the more you give the driving lessons the more you will earn
  • Full training- both theoretical and practical.
  • You will get enough lesson booking hours every day in your appointed area

Now we are urgently looking for driving instructors in Blacktown & Penrith areas. Don’t miss this lucrative opportunities – just call today on Javed on 0433 474 899 for more details or information.